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Summit Mount Everest With Kids

Climbing mountain is adventurous job to do but it equally tough and challenging. There are lots of difficulties to climb Everest. Altitude sickness is the biggest risk for everyone attempting climb. Expedition at higher altitude will affect adversely in our health in many ways. Climbing Mount Everest will obviously take lots of days which need enough time for acclimatization. Physical fitness and experience matters a lot. Attempting to summit Mount Everest with kids is not a joke. Even healthy and physically strong person failed in many of their attempts. One should be fully grown and meet all the requirements before even thinking of this trip. At the age of 16 it’s too early and at 60 it’s too late to try climbing. The suitable period expediting the mountain is age at late twenties. So there is no chance to summit Everest with kids. It’s not allowed because of age limitation. But for those who are interested to visit and enjoy Everest closely can make a detour within Everest Region up to Everest Base Camp if possible.

The government has made rules and regulations for these and panels of criteria that should meet first before attempting the Everest. The safety of the climber’s matters that’s why permit conquering the Everest is limited for those between 18 to 75 years of age. Any climber summiting Everest should have scaled mountains higher than 6000m so that they gain enough experience the tour. Months of training, practices and regular classes are given for those who are interested mountaineering. They were taught about the worst case scenario and the basic techniques to survive and standalone if anything happens wrong. The surroundings of this iconic mountain is getting the worst year by year. The reason for such deterioration of the environment is unmanaged and unorganized mountaineering done by many inexperienced climber.

Climbers should be able to hike steep landscapes at higher altitude around 5 to 6 hours with bag pack of 20 to 40 pounds. Exercising and balanced diet might give very good physical fitness. Long hikes are recommended at suitable altitude to adapt body during the period of acclimatization easily while mountaineering. There are lots of techniques to improve acclimatization. We should be well hydrated while expediting at higher altitude and taking some day hikes exposing body to the increased altitude will gradually show some progress. Bag full of gears and useful equipment are required. We should no target for all the accessories during climbing because excessive weight of bag may slow down and more chance to suffer that could stop the attempt in middle. So there will be no one evaluating fitness level but should be ourselves taking good care of personal health and follow the major steps and rules while summiting Everest.