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Information about Andaman

Andaman is the place where you’ll witness the 5 different shades of crystal clear beauty of aqua blue water. In the morning time, you’ll also get the gifts from the sea i.e. variety of beautifully crafted shells at the shores. The majestic scenic views of the Andaman Sea would make you fall in love with its beauty. This place also offers a calm and peaceful surrounding and heart touching environment with refreshing air all around the island. There a number of fabulous yet awe-inspiring options for adventure enthusiasts to explore the beauty of this sizzling island-

  1. Banana Boat Rides: It offers a terrific experience when you’re in a Banana shaped boat along 5-6 persons and the boat tied to a speed boat to rush. This amazing ride is perfectly safe as it is mandate to wear life jackets and an instructor always accompanies you with your ride.
  2. Snorkelling: Snorkelling is something that should not be missed at any cost because you’ll never know what a wonderful experience has been missed! Witnessing the underwater marine life and the rarest, mysterious corals is one of the best water activities in Andaman.
  3. Scuba Diving: Beautiful, colourful corals and enchanting water life are waiting for you. A little skill of swimming can provide a soul pleasing, underwater experience to your eyes.
  4. Parasailing: Parasailing is a perfect blend of air and water-borne adventure offering a thrilling experience in the air and looking around the beautiful sight all over the sea. Flying like a kite is an experience to remain in your memories forever.
  5. Seabed walking: It is another water sports activity in order to explore the mystic beauty of the sea life. Walking on the smooth white sand of the sea floor offers a cinematic view of marine life.

A night cruise would take your holiday to a next level of the trip to Andaman and amazing shots of your cruise are must recommend. Also, Cellular Jail is one the most exciting tourist destination with the proud stories of freedom fighters and experiencing the awesomeness of this amazing place. A light and music program is a worth a visit as it narrates the complete history movement of Indian Freedom in the evening.