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Antelope Canyon Tours

The safety concerns regarding Antelope Canyon are actually rooted in the exact same phenomenon that created the canyon itself. Flash flooding is the mechanism that dug the deep channels in the rocks of the area, creating Antelope Canyon itself as a path that water has rushed down when it rains for many hundreds of years. This extreme rushing water is very difficult to predict, and many times will happen without warning on days when there appears to not be a cloud in the sky when you are standing in the canon itself. The flash flooding that created Antelope Canyon can be produced by rain that happens more than five miles away, and which would have no visual clues to people standing in the canyon itself. There have been tourists injured and even killed by flash flooding through the canyon from which they could not escape, and as a result of multiple instances of tourists not heeding warnings and not being prepared for this type of instance, Navajo Nation decided to only allow tour groups lead by companies who understand that they should not enter the canyon if there is even a slight chance of rain in the areas surrounding. Only with this type of serious attention to the imposed rules of tourism can the area be safely visited. For this reason, Navajo Nation reduces its own ability to generate higher revenues, the need to keep visitors safe over-riding the extra money that can be made.

If you are interested in touring Antelope Canyon, it must be arranged through a professional group recognized by Navajo Nation as in good standing and adhering by the safety rules. You cannot simply drive to Antelope Canyon and self-guide a tour through the area.