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About Exotic Holiday Destinations

  1. Kotor Bay, Montenegro: Have you ever been to Montenegro. If no, then this would be the best time to visit this place, especially the Bay of Kotor. Many people simply call this place as Boka. This winding bay will engulf you with its emerald waters and picturesque mountains and the fascinating shoreline houses along with the beautiful medieval towns like Perast adds on more to its beauty where you can stop for relishing its delicacies and can also get an opportunity to interact with the locals and know their dialects.
  2. Petra, Jordan: Does anyone of you remember the famous Hollywood movie “Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade” starring Harrison Ford? Well if yes, then many of that movie scenes were been shot over here. The place which is rising out of a cliff between the Red and Dead Sea, is the lost city of Petra which still has many secrets to reveal. It consists of several tombs and ancient carved structures which are spread across a huge marvelous sandy landscape.
  3. Bagan: Many of you might have heard about Lord Buddha and his stupas. Well there is one place where you can find in abundance the Buddhist temples and many stupas. The place is Bagan, which is been considered as the home of the largest and densest concentration of Buddhist temples and stupas in the world. A very handful people know that once this mighty city was eventually been reigned by the mongolians.
  4. Arashimaya Bamboo Forest, Japan: Ever visited Japan, the land of islands and technology? If you ever plan to visit Japan, then for sure do visit the Arashimaya Bamboo forest. This famous forest is literally besieged with famous tombs and temples which is quite close to the “Moon Crossing Bridge”. Even the pavement for walking seems so fascinating that one could ever imagine whether they are walking in a forest or not. Moreover, it will create a feeling of walking into a Bamboo tent surrounded by tall, green bamboo sticks, thus creating a natural unique look. Hence this place is worth exploring.
  5. Seychelles: The country of Seychelles is a unique destination to explore in itself. Spread across 175 square miles of the Indian Ocean, it’s a chain of 115 islands, the largest archipelago available in the world. A person can visit this place at anytime in the year as this area is free from the cyclone belt. To visit this place a private 62 seated yacht has also been facilitated so as to go through this archipelago. Also a person can relish the various delicacies and varieties of drinks available on this yacht along with having an amazing and fascinating ride of this area. This area is worth exploring and I bet that you will carry along with you a lot of memories.
  6. Azores, Portugal: The nine-island chain of Azores, Portugal is also one of the most fascinating places to visit. Last spring, Ryan-air and Easy-Jet began offering low-cost flights to connect the Azores’ capital city of Ponta Delgada, on the main island of Sao Miguel, to London and Lisbon, raising the profile of this nine-island chain dramatically. Even Americans find it very surprising as it seems very easy to reach through a four-hour direct flight from Boston. One of the most amazing things about Sao Miguel is the striking volcanic stone and concrete Archipelago Contemporary Arts Centre.
  7. Kamalame Cay, The Bahamas: Bahamas is always on the top charts due to its amazing scenery and famous cruises. But a very few person know about a private island- the Kamalame Cay which is just a 15-minute flight from Nassau and offers an isolated sanctuary surrounded by crystal-clear water and shaded with rustling palms. A person if visits this place should definitely discover the beauty of underwater life with a scuba expedition at the island’s Dive Centre.