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Monthly Archives: November 2016

Must know about Annapurna Circuit Trek

The ascent towards The Manang Valley is fairly steady and when it does finally emerge into the valley you are greeted with some fantastic mountain scenery in amongst a fascinating and very different cultural setting. The valley is predominantly Tibetan in lifestyle and outlook and the next few days are spent traveling through some delightful Tibetan like settlements with tremendous views.

At Himalaya Arirang Trek we take a day out for some side trekking and acclimatization before we tackle the stiff ascent of the Thorang-La (5416m). The day over the pass is long but very rewarding, there are some fantastic views of Nilgiri, Dhaulagiri and Dhampus Peak, among others.

From the pass there is a steep descent of around three hours until we reach the pilgrimage site of Muktinath. The settlement has been a holy place for both Hindus and Buddhists for many centuries. Our trek back follows the Kali Gandaki River gorge (the deepest gorge in the world) travelling through some fascinating Lower Mustang and Thakali villages. Kagbeni for example has great Tibetan style architecture and culture. Marpha is renowned for its apple production and the making of both fine cider and brandy. At Tatopani (which means ‘hot water’) we relax for a day,it is both a great place for food and a bath in the hot springs..

After leaving Tatopani a further two days hike upwards to Ghorepani.Annapurna circuit trek is one of the famous trekking in nepal which is famous world wide.The annapurna circuit trek is trekked by tourists external and internal more than any other treks in nepal. so people you will have a great adventure in this trekking.This is very famous trek in whole nepal people arround the world comes for this trekking so if u like this article yo guys should go for it

You must Visit Poland

Many Beautiful Old Towns

Beauty and Poland aren’t two words most people put in the same sentence, but that’s a mistake. Despite considerable destruction during WWII, some old towns survived, and others have been rebuilt in much the same way as they existed before the war.

Most travelers think of only Krakow. Granted, the old town of Krakow is as beautiful as it is overrun with tourists. The old town of Warsaw is very underrated. While most (or all) of it had to be rebuilt after the war, it is still a beautiful and interesting place to explore, filled with restaurants, pubs, churches, and monuments.

Hiking in the Tatra Mountains

Poland has amazing hiking. Who knew? An (optimistic) two hour bus ride south of Krakow brings you to Zakopane, and alpine town that wouldn’t be out of place in Austria or Switzerland, but happens to be in the Polish Tatra Mountains. The views from popular Mt Giewont are stunning if you can deal with the crowds coming up the cable car on busy summer weekends. Try going in the shoulder season for a quieter experience.

Oh yeah, and the Food

Pierogies. What more do you need? You like savory? Done! You want something sweet? No problem. How can such a simple dish be so delicious? For the real connoisseur, get to Krakow for the annual Pierogi Festival every August.

And lastly, the Beaches!

Yes, you read that right. Beaches. In Poland. Granted, the Baltic Sea can be a bit nippy, but those Poles are hardy people. The beach at Sopot, near Gdansk, was beautiful and busy.

Travelling to Jungles in Uk

The world is filled with the modern creations of humans to keep other humans mesmerized like the beautifully lit skyscrapers and the elephantine bridges. These all are the examples of the advanced engineering humans have developed. But when you think about these things closely, you notice that no matter how well-equipped these buildings and hotels might be, the real excitement or peace comes from the nature. This is the reason why so many people all around the world go to the mountains, to the jungles or to the desert to explore the nature and its eccentric behaviour. Wildlife is one such aspect of nature that has always tickled the curious cells of a human mind.

Myriad tourists travel around the world through the wildlife, closely reading the rawness it preserves. Wildlife photographers in countries like UK and others bring out such lively photographs to the audiences that it makes it real difficult to avoid a trip to the jungles. The jungle safaris are the star attraction of such trips. To motivate people to plan out their holidays to such places, authorities and some private organisers, organise events to spread the importance and beauty of travelling.

On a trip to the jungles capturing your experience in pictures always enhances its goodness, because this way you preserve the memories permanently with you. All the tourist spots offer facilities such as best travel photography for your assistance. Also, you can approach the online travel portals to organise the entire event with you to suit your specific needs. UK is one such place which is famous for its wildlife and it is an effortless job to find good wildlife photographers in UK.

Enlightens Your Soul

  • The foremost advantage is in getting dirty. This overrules our recent times obsession with cleanliness that is believed to cause asthma, allergies and inflammatory bowel disease. In fact, getting dirty is another way of improving physical health. This is the best to strong immune system.
  • Involving in outdoor activities itself prevents a series of health problems. This includes preventing obesity to heart disease and many more deficit disorders. There are no restrictions for age to go on adventure. Adventure travel is a beautiful activity to stick with life.
  • Going on hiking helps. Reaching mid fifties means there is an indication of memory loss. However, adults in mid-ages going on forty minute walks a year on an average improve their memory for more years. The hiking adventures relax your mind and you stay mentally sharp.
  • Adventure travel teaches you to try alternate lives. The best thing on adventure is that embark on shedding away what you are and be prepared to do and be anything.
  • Going on adventures improves your tolerance to handle uncertainties. This is because during the adventure travel nothing goes as planned. Thus it helps you learn coping with life uncertainties.
  • The adventure travel supports mental skill; it offers pleasant memories that are brought back to our minds as reminiscence. Thus you enjoy a valuable exercise and are busy such that you do not have time to think of unwanted things. Besides reliving your adventures gives time to learn more from them. You respect the nature and the environment wherever you live.
  • Adventure travel builds your confidence and feeds your dreams. It may involve many steps, but one thing is certain that the natural spots make you addictive and each time you enter the wilderness, it never seems to be enough. With each adventure, you wish to plan for a successive one. Of course, there is a need to challenge you.
  • Adventure experiences imply involving in outside activities. However, parents over scheduling kids become helicopter parents to the extent that they kill the desire of children to explore. Thus, children permanently lose the wanderlust spark from their life. It is important to permit children to play outside and to explore the world.
  • Adventure travel brings awareness about the world and the environment. Above all, one learns to survive with each adventure travel and they learn venturing beyond the envelope of home.