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Monthly Archives: September 2016

Overnight Desert Safari

Desert safari in Dubai is really a world’s renowned activity where magnificent landscapes give a pleasant experience to all the visitors. Spending a night under the sparkling stars in the Arabian Desert gives a really enthralling enjoyment with many activities such as camel riding, safari ride, quad biking and dune bashing. Thrill begins from the very first moment you enter the desert and enjoy the welcome drinks upon arrival which are provided to the visitors. Thrilling activities in the desert keep your heart pumping for the entire day. Desert safari is located at a stone’s throw from the magnificent city where sandy shores and exciting activities amuse the lovers of nature. Major Highlights of the safari are the dance shows, sunset views, henna tattooing and BBQ dinner. This is the only safari which presents the sunset and sunrise views that take you to indulge in a never fading experience. Changing hues of the Sun & live dance shows in the desert that are performed near the bonfire fill you with ultimate delight. An opportunity to enjoy photography in the spectacular scenery to make the moment alive for lifetime.

  • Dune Bashing: A pleasant experience of enjoying the amazing dune bashing in the desert where enjoyment starts from the first moment. Sliding up and down in the golden sand which is the most exciting activity. The thrilling activity must be avoided by the persons having back pain.
  • Quad Biking: Quad Biking is the thrilling activity which is liked by the lovers of adventure. Ride a bike in the golden sand of the Desert really gives you an enthralling experience.
  • Camel Riding: An exciting experience of riding in the sand by sitting on the back of the camels which are called the ship of the desert. The stunning activity takes rider to explore the fun in the desert.
  • Belly Dance: Belly Dance is a western style dance which is performed by the female dancers. Popular Belly dance gives a pleasant and memorable experience to the riders.
  • Tanoura Dance:Tanoura dance is a traditional folk dance of the Arabian Desert which is performed by men, wearing colourful skirts. In this dance, a senior dancer performs in the middle that seems like a moon and the juniors dance around the main dancer.

Mauritius Tour Packages

Mauritius is an unconventional holiday destination, famous for its unspoiled natural environment. A utopia in the Indian Ocean, this country is idiosyncratically beautiful and bathed in year-round sunshine, offering visitors with unlimited options for water and land-based activities and astonishing scuba diving and bird watching. In true sense, Mauritius is the personification of tropical beauty, with clean and sapphire waters lapping at the calmest of sands, archetypally bordered by angular palms and backed by lush vegetation. To discover this wonderful land in a very expedient and hassle-free manner, tourists can grab one of the many exciting Mauritius Tour Packages from India. The island of Mauritius is bequeathed with white sand beaches and tropical forest, while the gleaming waters are filled with spick-and-span coral reefs, tropical fish and a variety of marine life. Soaring palms outline countryside retreats which open up onto this unspoilt getaway – it really is like heaven. The most beautiful beaches of Mauritius are Perebere, Grand Baie, La Cuvette and Belle Mare Plage. Each one has its own burly selling point, though all have huge beaches and world-class hotels with all the facilities.

Most areas of Mauritius have mountainous cores, often given over to national reserves, some of which bounces up to the ocean. Scuba diving, Water sports, boating, swimming and bird watching activates are enduringly popular in Mauritius. The hospitality of the Mauritius is also worth obsequious. While browsing through choices of lodging in Mauritius, one will find some of the most striking resorts in the world. And if someone wishes to stay in some of the noiseless corners, there are isolated beaches that have private resorts. Pleasure trip to national parks, museums, and other attractions are a must do in your Mauritius trip. The Black River Gorge National Park is a picturesque spot that one must never miss to visit while vacationing in Mauritius. Mountains, Rainforests, rivers, waterfalls, and giant trees invoke up to serve as home to hundreds of animal and bird species. Casela Nature, Leisure Park and Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam Botanical Garden are other prevalent parks that wait to be discovered.

For Equivocating waves & Sparkling rays the crystal-clear beaches, flamboyant coral reefs, the laid-back atmosphere, revered shrines & stunning views of Mauritius will have you wandering into ecstasy in no time. The turquoise waters will positively allure you for a dip. But if you want to do more than relaxing float around, there’s also a lot of opportunity to get active with some exploratory water sports and nightlife. Besides happening nightlife and the activities on beaches, there are other bizarre places, too, that attract tourists towards themselves. There is Black Gorges National Park in which there is a 60 kilometers’ track and all quest lovers love that track. Ile aux Cerf island is another key tourist attraction with its sandy beaches and lagoon, it’s a must not miss traveler attraction in the country.

Tips trek to Everest Base Camp

Climbing Everest is always dangerous due to altitude variations and kills people because of lack of acclimatization. Many people have lost their lives while attempting after Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay first step summit in 1953. The trail is so dangerous due to rock fall and deep open crack in a glacier which creates difficulties during climbing. Other factors like yaks attack and trailing down a steep hillside may hinder the trek. We do not want to rush and finish the trek before the actual time it requires. Due to altitude difference enough time must be given for acclimatization. If we ignore the fact then we will get altitude sickness and that could result to death.

There are lots of things that need to be taken care of before trekking in Everest Region. The first and foremost is proper equipment and gears like lightweight hiking boots, hiking socks, lightweight thermal tops, windproof jackets, sun hat and scarf, thermal gloves, first aid kit, sunglasses and many more accessories that are needed. Mountaineering harnesses and ice-axe is essential along with helmet, climbing sling and two locking carabineers for climbing and mountaineering. Climbing hardware is essential only during the time of climbing mountain. Insulated water bottle and purifier is required to avoid dehydration and prevent from water diseases. Headache and altitude sickness are the major issues while trekking in higher altitude so we need to follow the trekking plan and few days rest as acclimatization. We should not carry heavy pack with clothes and foods to remain in better shape and avoid fatigue with excessive load. Level of oxygen should be maintained properly for safe trekking. There are HRA offices which help you by providing good knowledge about oxygen level on blood and maintain it.

Trekking Everest Base Camp from March to May and from September to December is suitable. The trails are in the best form during autumn and spring season. Weather is unpredictable in this region and long trails are always like maze so we have to hire guides compulsory to avoid mislead the trail and chance of getting lost. It depends on the traveler’s skills and experience but it’s better to use a guide for the Everest Base Camp trek. Depending upon the number of members in a group guide can be hired. Guide will provide the proper training and guidance with all the possibilities that could happen during trek. Before climbing Everest we should have good knowledge of mountaineering and training for a year. It around 38 miles from Lukla to Base Camp and approximately take minimum of 9 days. We have to walk around 5 to 6 hours daily to complete the trek in planned date and time. While you reach in Base Camp you can spend the night there if you are with climbing expedition otherwise it’s not safe to stay there due to high altitude.

Coorg Place

Coorg, a name synonymous to coffee and spices is an ideal place to unwind on vacations. With its undiluted landscapes, lovely waterfalls and luxuriant flora and fauna, it has a lot to offer the tourists.

 Brahmagiri Peak: Trek through the forested woods, grasslands and sparkling streams of clear water to make your way to the mist-topped hill i.e. Brahmagiri Peak. It is one of the most beautiful places to see in Coorg, and every year thousands of tourists make way to Brahmagiri Peak to enjoy the nature at its best.

 Dubare Elephant Camp: If you are an animal lover, then you must head to this elephnat camp. With over 150 elephants, visiting the camp is a great way to know these enchanting creatures.

 Iruppu Falls: Located in Brahmagiri Hills, Iruppu Falls is one of the most popular waterfalls in Coorg. Owning to its location and ease of accessability, it is visited by tourists in great numbers.

 Nagarhole National Park: If wildlife is what intrigues you, Nagarhole National Park is for you. Here you can see the majestic Tiger, Jungle Bison, Sloth Bear and the Asiatic Elephant roaming freely in their abode. Despite the dense jungle, the park is open along the river to watch animals and over 270 species of birds.

 Chettalli: This is a small village on the Madikeri – Siddapur Road and has the less trodden pathways. The road leading to the village has unending greenery which makes for an amazing view and you can capture some of the beautiful landscapes.

 Namdroling Nyingmapa Monastery: Situated in Bylakuppe, this monastry is one of the 10 must-see Buddhist Monasteries in India. The ideal time to visit this place is during the festival of Losar i.e. the Tibetan New Year.

 Raja’s Seat: This is a popular sunset point with a breathtaking view of the green valley. The place is surrounded by a beautiful garden and musical fountains, which lure tourists throughout the year. It is said thet nowhere will you see beautifully blooming flowers as you see in Raja’s seat.